Forensic Analysis

The job of the forensic experts is to help identifying cyber-criminals and analyze evidence against them.

Whether the system is a standalone computer, portable device or part of an integrated network, ResearchCave's experienced technicians can assist you with the initial evidence gathering or fact finding.

Some of the common forensics cases

  • Computer intruders stealing data
  • Hackers that break into web sites
  • DDoS attacks resulting in loss of business/reputation
  • Attempt to gain access to passwords/customer data with fraudulent intentions
  • Internal attempts to leak designs, source code or data

If there's a security concern, we need to figure out what's causing it and repair it as soon as possible. Prevention is even better We assist you in identifying vulnerabilities and managing the risks associated with them.

Malware Code Analysis

Understanding the unique threat malicious code poses is half the battle. Once you understand it, you need to know how to eradicate it.

With thousands of new malware code exploits created daily, understanding the nature of the threat in your network is critical to eradicating it. Doing so can be complex without the proper expertise in-house, especially when dealing with new and emerging threats.

Using advanced and proprietary computer forensic tools and techniques, our expert engineers are some of the best in the world at thoroughly dissecting malware from a security incident to determine its functionality, purpose, composition and source.